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Audi A3 (2003 – 2012)

The A3 remains a popular choice for Irish drivers - particularly on the used market where they are always in huge demand

Renault Twingo (2014 – Present)

The French manufacturer have decided to try something different with their new Twingo, by putting the engine in the boot

Nissan Pulsar (14 – Present)

The Pulsar's extra height doesn't just give it great road presence – it also vastly improves space in the cabin

Ford Ecosport (14 – Present)

Striking looks and great road presence, with all the fun of a Fiesta, the Ecosport certainly looks like it means business

Kia Soul (14 – Present)

While Kias are far from boring these days, the Soul still manages to stand out without sacrificing any of the sensible functionality that the brand is known for

Land Rover Range Rover (12 – Present)

The new 3.0l V6 can now offer 38mpg - not bad for a car more than five metres long and two metres wide