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Ford Fiesta 2008 – Present

While it has always been a great value car, it is still that little bit trendier than the other cars in its class. It lacks that 'cutesy' look

This weekend’s New York Auto Show

It seems nostalgia is the name of the game at this year’s New York International Auto Show

Opel Corsa Excite (2014 – Present)

It has kept its dynamic, sporty design, introduced a range of fresh new colours, and reloaded its interior

Kia Carens (13 – present)

The Carens is the final piece in the regeneration jigsaw. It looks just as good as some of its rivals. But is it all style and no substance?

Opel Astra GTC (11 – present)

Owners of the GTC will tell you it was worth the wait and that it lived up to, or even surpassed the build-up

Nissan Pathfinder (05 – present)

The Nissan Pathfinder is a fearless, rugged, strong, and robust workhorse, built to tackle severe terrain