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Nissan X-Trail (14 – Present)

It may not be a rugged off-roader anymore, but what remains is still a formidable SUV that you can ferry your family around in in comfort and confidence

Volkswagen Polo (14 – Present)

From the outside it’s a smaller version of the Golf, neat enough not to look intimidating, yet solid as a rock

Volkswagen Up! (12 – Present)

While positively minuscule on the outside, the Up! is shockingly roomy once you get inside

Toyota Aygo (14 – Present)

With Toyota's reputation for reliability and our love of small cars, we reckon that this X is going to become a very familiar sight on our roads

Hyundai i10 (14 – Present)

The i10 has proved it’s more than up to the challenge being set by its miniature challengers

Suzuki Swift (10 – Present)

The Swift appeals to those who want a small, economical car that is just that little bit different