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Soccer WAG’s and their Cars

We review the heavy metal driven by top soccer WAG's.

Seanie’s BMW. Did We Get Fooled Again?

All last week leading news authorities including RTE, Channel 4 and the blog reported on the seizure of Mr Fitzpatrick’s 19 year old BMW.

Economic Downturn Effecting Car Sales to Premier League Stars

The economic downturn is hurting everyone and it seems the top premier league players are no exception.

Top Ten Most Reliable Cars

Warranty Direct in the UK have used their 50,000+ database of customers to formulate a reliability index of used cars.

Seanie Fitzpatrick’s BMW is to be Crushed

Seanie Fitzpatrick's BMW is to be Crushed. It is now in the hands of National Recycling ltd.

FitzPatrick’s BMW Sold for 1,234

Sean FitzPatick's almost bottom of the range, not nct'd, not driving, 19 year old BMW 3 series was sold in December for 1234 euro.