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  4. June 2011

Time to Reform Motor Tax on Older Cars

I propose that both the new and old systems are replaced with one that focuses on a car’s Co2 output in relation to the annual distance travelled

Confessions of a Scrap Man Part II

Scrap Man and blogger Paul Devlin details what happens at an illegal scrap yard

Toyota MR2 MK3 (1999 – 2007) Review

You will not see to many of these on Irish roads, but can be reassured by the presence of old-school Toyota engineering and an excellent reliability record.

Confessions of a Scrap Man

Scrap man turned whistle blower Paul Devlin highlights some shocking practices from the car recycling industry.

Toyota Prius 2011 Review

Toyota have sold more than two million Prius models worldwide so there must be something special to this car.