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The New Way To Reduce Motoring Costs

A Trusted Network of Garages
Offering Quality Car Service at
Great Prices

How We Look After You

Team AutoCentre exists to make sure that the motorist gets top quality, great value car service and repairs. Our trusted network of Garages, Fast Fills, Valets and Crash Repair Centres have the requisite skills and experience to keep your car in tip-top shape.

Best Price Guarantee

When supplying and fitting parts for your car, Team AutoCentre will only charge 13.5% VAT. When you buy from car parts shops, main dealers or from online outlets, you pay 23% VAT. By choosing Team AutoCentre you are saving 10% VAT.

No Hidden Charges

Additional work will not be carried out without your approval. This means that you are always in control of the cost of your service at all times.

Multiple Price Options - You Choose

Did you know there are multiple price options when it comes to supplying at fitting car parts? Team AutoCentre will advise you on the different prices available. You choose the best option.

Car Warranty Protected

By getting your car serviced with Team AutoCentre your Car Warranty is 100% protected. Since June 2010, E.U. legislation has stated that warranties are not conditional on having the car serviced in main dealer workshops.