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Book a Car Service

Servicing your car regularly can extend its life and ultimately save you money. Our service partner, Dublin Motors (on the Naas Road), offer a car service program that covers most car models 0-15 years old

Basic Service
Only €99.00
Main Service
Only €189.00

Service Breakdown

Description Basic Main
Engine Oil and Oil Filter: Changed Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Brakes: Inspection for wear & operation   Yes checkmark
Brake Lines: Visual inspection for leaks and damage Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Steering and Suspensions: Inspect for wear or damage   Yes checkmark
Chassis and Body: Tighten all bolts and nuts   Yes checkmark
Tyres: Check tyre air pressure and condition of thread ware patterns Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Body condition: Inspect annually (including underside of vehicle)   Yes checkmark
Air cleaner element: Inspect & replace if necessary Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Fluid levels: Check coolant, brake, clutch and power steering fluid levels   Yes checkmark
Battery: Check terminals, electrolyte level and specific gravity Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Power steering system and hoses: check lines and connections Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Drive Belts: Check tension and condition, adjust & replace if necessary Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Power Brake Unit: Check operation, vacuum hoses and connections   Yes checkmark
Door locks and hinges: Check, lubricate and adjust if necessary   Yes checkmark
Clutch and brake pedals: Check operation, pedal height, and free play   Yes checkmark
Parking Brake: Check operation, and lever stroke, adjust if necessary Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Electrical System: Functional check of electrical consumers   Yes checkmark
Fuel System: Inspect fuel lines and hoses   Yes checkmark
Cooling System: Inspect system and hoses Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Automatic Transaxle Oil Level: Check and correct if necessary Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Check exhaust system, heat shields and operation of catalyst   Yes checkmark
Safety checks: Including Seat Belts check operation and condition Yes checkmark Yes checkmark

* For high performance cars and those fitted with DPF filter please call for quotation.

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Dublin Motors
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