Car History Check

Cartell, Ireland’s first and No.1 car history check was launched to help the consumer and dealers make an informed and secure choice when purchasing a used vehicle. Being the first to introduce this invaluable service to Ireland, our experience in the industry has made ‘getting a Cartell Car History Check’ a commonly used phrase. When you want a car history check carried out by the real experts, always look for the official Cartell logo. 

We have access to more car data than anyone else and our thorough investigations have helped thousands of people avoid purchasing cars that have been clocked, written-off, ex-taxi’s, or that have unpaid finance against them, saving them from unnecessary costs and heartache. Our research estimated that up to 1 in 3 used vehicles has an undesirable history, so it was clear that an effective solution to this problem was put in place to help protect Irish consumers.

Cartell can also supply you with a full UK vehicle history check through our partners HPI UK. HPI are the market leaders in the UK and have been the No.1 supplier of car history data since their launch in 1938.

Cartell is the only company in Ireland with licensed access to HPI UK data and the National Mileage Register in the UK, which holds over 200 million readings. In 2006, we established the official National Mileage Register, Ireland’s largest database of mileages with over 35 million readings, to alert car buyers and dealers to potential mileage discrepancies.

Not only do we have more data than anyone else in Ireland and the UK, we have the customer care that you’d expect from Ireland’s No.1 Car History Checking Company.

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Report Types

Getting a Cartell Check couldn’t be easier. The process has been developed to insure you can check any vehicle you’re interested in, quickly and easily. Follow the steps below to see how to access your Cartell car history check report.

  1. One Star Free Identity Check
    Go to the one star car check section on the website (or to the registration box on the right of the page), enter the Vehicle Registration Number and click the ‘Go’ button. A list of vehicle details will be displayed – this is your free identity check. Check these details match the vehicle you are checking.

  2. Select Detailed Car Check Type 
    • Two Star – History & Mileage Check: From €10.00 
    • Three Star – History, Mileage, Finance & HPI UK: From €25.00 


  1. Car Details
    Enter the current Mileage Reading – don’t forget to choose either Miles or KM. 


  1. Your Details
    Enter your full name, address and contact details and then hit the ‘Next’ button. 

  2. Payment
    Enter the relevant credit/debit card details and click the ‘Make Payment’ button. 


  1. Your Car Check
    After payment is made the Cartell Car Check will appear in the next screen. Additional information such as the Irish Finance Check results or UK History will be sent to your email address. All documentation, including your VAT receipt, will be sent to your email address. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact Cartell.

Car History Check 2


What You Get with A Cartell Car History Check?

Don’t buy before you check it with Cartell as you need to know the following:

Irish History.

  • The number of previous owners – compare the entry on your Cartell Car Check and the VRC
  • If the vehicle has been off the road for long periods – report will show tax gaps and if the tax expiry date is in the past.
  • Dates of sale – including all trade and private registered sales.
  • Emissions rating for motor taxation.
  • Performance, Technical, Dimensional and Equipment Data, Safety and Comfort Data.
  • Warranty Expiry Information


  • If the vehicle is the correct specification – compare detailed model on Cartell Car Check, on the vehicle and Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) to see if they match.
  • If the engine has been changed – may be an indication that the vehicle has been involved in a front side collision.
  • If the vehicle is a clone or a “cut-and-shut” – cross-reference vehicle Chassis Number and VRC with Cartell Car Check. If different, the vehicle may have the identity of another vehicle or possibly stolen.
  • If the vehicle documentation is valid or forged – compare VRC and NCT Certificate Number and details on Cartell Car Check and vehicle. If VRC does not match the vehicle may be stolen. If the NCT Certificate does not match the NCT may be invalid.


  • If the odometer reading entered highlighted any discrepancies which may require further investigation.

Scrapped / Written Off.

  • If the vehicle has been recorded as Scrapped or Written Off (Source National Vehicle and Drivers File).


  • If the vehicle has been taxed as a Taxi, Hackney or a Commercial Vehicle.

Irish Finance

  • If the vehicle is subject to a financial agreement – if the outstanding finance remains unpaid when you purchase the vehicle, you may not acquire title to it.


  • If you have entered a mileage reading for the vehicle a Cartell Price Guide (CPG) valuation will be provided where available.  This service is not available for commercial vehicles and a number of non-commercial vehicles i.e. private vehicles.  

Full UK History from HPI UK.

  • If the vehicle has been imported – the report will provide the previous registration and the date of first registration in Ireland.  You will also receive the full HPI UK Check in addition to the Irish History & Finance Check. A VRT calculation estimating the VRT will be provided where available. The VRT calculation is not available for commercial vehicles and a number of non-commercial vehicles i.e. private vehicles.


Car History Check 3