Audi Q5 TFSIe Plug-In Hybrid Video Review

Audi's much loved Q5 gets the Plug-In Hybrid treatment


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Great badge appeal

Best of both worlds PHEV technology


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Some optional extras should be standard

Ticking boxes isn't cheap

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The Audi Q5 has always been one of the most sought after premium family SUVs. With its spacious cabin and practical design, it has a unique ability to handle the challenges of family life while turning heads at the same time. This latest TFSIe model adds Plug-In Hybrid technology, for the eco-conscious driver who still wants a bit of luxury

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Space & Practicality


The boot doesn’t disappoint for family buyers at a healthy 460 litres. That is quite a bit less than the non plug-in version as you lose some space to the battery pack, but we still found it capable of carrying a bulky travel system with a bit of room left over for a scooter or two. The split folding rear seats can be dropped at the pull of a level, leaving a satisfying flat load area for any more hardcore load lugging.

Space in the back is overall quite decent. There’s enough space to seat two average sized adults in comfort. There are two Isofix anchors and a wide rear bench which means an adult could squeeze in between two car seats for a short spin, but the large transmission tunnel more or less wipes out the legroom in the middle. We managed to fit two extended rear facing child seats on either side, which impacted only slightly on front passenger legroom.

Older children should be happy enough with the space on offer, alongside other luxuries such as their own climate controls and a pull down centre armrest.

Equipment and Safety


The Q5 Plug-In comes with a starting price of about €65,000. The options on our test car brought it up to over €72,000 with the various exterior styling upgrades as  well as some more functional stuff in the cabin like a virtual cockpit – a feature that Audi do very well.

Interior quality is second to none and the Q5 has one of the best cabins in the segment. The solid build quality, clean lines and logical layout give it an unmistakable feeling of luxury that is hard to beat even in this premium class. The bolstered S-Line sports seats feel great to sink into and offer good support on a longer spin.

The infotainment system is now a fully touchscreen set up and close to flawless when it comes to user experience. It is razor sharp in its response and the graphics leave a strong impression. The only small complaint we have is the absence of an inbuilt SatNav. An optional extra, apparently, even on this €70k+ S-Line model.

Safety features are plentiful, with Audi Pre Sense collision warning, cruise control with a speed limiter, traffic sign recognition and lane departure warning.

Performance & Running Costs


According to Audi, the Q5 TFSIe is good for up to 62km of electric range but that will of course depend very much on how you drive it. 50km is probably a more realistic number to work off, which is still more than enough for most people to complete their daily commute on electric power alone. It takes about two and a half hours to charge and as with all plug-in hybrids, you will need a bit of discipline when it comes to plugging it in. That is the case whether you charge at home, or if you’re lucky enough to have access to charging at work which is where this technology really starts to make sense.

It's a very pleasant car to drive in both forms, albeit a lot quieter and more powerful in EV mode with a combined power output of 299PS. That feels pretty nippy for a two tonne family SUV.

The battery is mated to a 2.0 TFSI petrol engine and the transition between electric and petrol power really does feel seamless. The Q5 has always offered a solid and reassuring driving experience, even in its diesel form, and this plug-in hybrid version doesn’t disappoint either. It’s probably a stretch to call it fun to drive but there comes a point with a car where it’s so good at the boring everyday stuff that it actually becomes quite remarkable, which is exactly what has happened here. The perfectly weighted steering, well-judged suspension and super smooth discharge of power makes it feel so effortless and wonderfully predictable that it remains the perfect fit for the family market.   

Reliability & Residuals


The Audi Q5 TFSIe stands out as a premium SUV with plenty of space, a comfortable interior, and a driving experience that blends power with an easy sophistication, and now offers that much sought after Plug-In Hybrid technology too.

Like all Audis, the Q5 TFSIe comes with a three year warranty as standard,  with an eight year battery warranty on top of that (or 160,000km, which ever comes first). Residuals are hard to predict in the PHEV market, but one thing we can be sure of is that demand for SUVs is going nowhere soon, especially ones with those coveted four rings across the front.

Facts & Figures

Car Tested: Audi Q5 50 TFSIe S-Line

Car Tested Price: €72,193

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Fuel Economy


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