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THEY have put a new 1.2-litre engine in the Nissan Juke and it fits like a glove. The 113bhp power plant is part of a relatively minor change for the popular off-beat.

I drove it last week and wasn’t alone in noting that it makes the Juke an even more fun car to drive. This is a great little engine. I’ve driven it in the Qashqai and Note as well.

They have come up with some snazzy material, design and colour combinations and you can now order a glass roof if you like. They have re-styled the front and back but your basic shape doesn’t go away.

I have to say I often wonder how a car that looks like it is sawn off has fared so well. I’m told because it is “different”. It most certainly is that. But whatever they have managed to do over the years, they have made it into something that people like. It is a young person’s car, I suppose. But I see a lot of more mature drivers in them as well.

I also drove the diesel in this, but I really do think petrol is fighting back. This 1.2-litre may not have as good an emission figure (129g/km) as the diesel but it costs a good bit less (you’ll be a long time making up the price difference in fuel consumption) and is impressively peppy.

Anyway, it is more of an urban vehicle and if that is the extent of your use of it, I think you’re throwing money away on a diesel. Don’t get me wrong, I love diesels but people are not looking at the full picture and bottom-line lifetime costs.

They have also managed to increase boot space by 40pc and showed us how they have a two-level area now for whatever else you need to dump in there.

There will three equipment levels (XE, SV, SVE) as you’d expect when it gets here on July 14.

The Connect 2 sat nav system is also an option. Indeed, there is quite a range of what they call personalisation options. These include coloured seat stitching, centre console, wing mirrors, wheels and headlight finishers.

It will cost from €19,995 (delivery and related charges extra).