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We are all aware by now that compact SUV’s make the motoring world go round. Peugeot realised this a few years ago when they turned the 2008 from a dull and forgettable MPV into the jazzy crossover you see before you. In the name of further progress Peugeot now offer the 2008 with a plug, a big old battery, and an electric motor. That jazzy colour is called Orange Fusion and is a no cost option that people need to pick. It’s a breath of fresh air in grey carparks.

e2008 Front

What’s the range?

Ah yes, always to the front of people’s mind when it comes to electric vehicles. The battery on the e2008 is 50kwh which translates to a quoted maximum range of 310km. I feel this review comes at an appropriate time of the year, because just like the visit of the jolly fat man that range is only likely once a year.

EV range really does depend on the driving situation and the weather. My first journey in the e2008 was in cold weather (3 degrees Celsius) and at motorway speeds, a lethal combination for electric range. It was a promising start with a quoted range of 280km but after my 88km on the motorway that had taken a dive to 80km with 50% battery left. Not ideal.

In saying that, if you do most of your driving around town or below 80km/h a range over 250km is certainly achievable. Fast charging is available at speeds of up to 100kW so you can take advantage of the more powerful chargers. If you can find one that is. The e2008 will charge fully from a typical 7kw wallbox in seven and a half hours.

e2008 Rear

What’s it like to drive?

Before we get into it, I need to address the first thing that hits you when you plonk down on the comfy and very attractive seats. You can’t help but notice the steering wheel. Peugeot have been committed to the small boxy steering wheel for a few years now, it takes getting used to and I can see some people not gelling with it. It turns out reinventing the wheel isn’t really necessary. I’d certainly recommend testing it first.

The e2008 is perfectly enjoyable to drive, its nimbleness combined with decent punch off the line make it a joy to thread through town. With a power output of 136hp and a 0 to 100km/h time of 9 seconds the Peugeot doesn’t deliver the giggle inducing acceleration of some EV’s but you never feel like you are lacking muscle. There are three drive modes on offer – Sport, Normal and Eco. In Eco mode power is reduced to just 80hp which should help you eek out a few extra kilometres of range, but the throttle response is a little too sluggish. Sport releases all 136hp and you’ll probably test that once and revert to the default of normal.

Comfort and refinement are excellent – even at 120km/h and thankfully the 2008e doesn’t suffer the stiff ride that hinders some other electric cars. If you did manage to get a full 310km journey on one charge your range anxiety will kick in long before you get any back or neck pain.

Peugeot e2008

What’s it like on the inside?

Our test car was the mid-level Allure spec which means you get Peugeot’s 3D i-Cockpit – this give you an instrument cluster with a 3D holographic effect on the screen. It has some interesting animations and decent customisations for various driving information. As mentioned earlier the steering wheel takes getting used too and you do need to set it low to get a good view of that attractive instrument cluster. The entry level Active model comes with a 7-inch capacitive colour touchscreen – there is a learning curve to the touchscreen, and it can be finicky and laggy at times. Not a deal breaker but a passenger will be confused by it on first inspection. (Which you may well enjoy.) If you go for the top-spec GT models you upgrade to a larger 10-inch screen.

I still think the interior on the e2008 is one of the best in the small crossover market. It’s well-built with a luxury feel in parts and stimulating to look at. Not something you can say about a lot of small crossovers. Space in the back is decent, I’m 6ft tall and sitting behind my driving position was perfectly acceptable. You also get IsoFix points on both outside seats in the back. The 434-litre boot doesn’t lose out on space over the petrol or diesel models and it’s plenty large enough for a small buggy or a few suitcases. Our test car also came with a useful variable boot floor – necessary for storing those charging cables.

3D Icockpit e2008

What does it cost?

The entry level Active starts at just under €33,000, the mid-level Allure just under €35,000 with the top-spec GT starting from circa. €37,000. I would recommend trying to stretch to at least the Allure model for the larger 17-inch alloys, rear tinted windows, safety pack and the 3D i-Cockpit.

The range will be an issue for some but if you don’t regularly do big journeys the e2008’s range will be sufficient for most people. Ultimately, if you want a good-looking small electric crossover with a nice interior, decent practicality and comfort the e2008 is one to add to your shortlist.

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