Smart return to the Irish market with new #1 EV

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The iconic Smart brand has made an exciting return to the Irish market with the arrival of the all-new smart #1 (and yes, that's pronounced 'Hashtag One'). This model is the first in a series of EVs that aims to establish itself as a premium intelligent all-electric auto brand.

The brand say the unusual hashtag naming culture is a nod to the digital age, representing the beginning of a lineup that prioritizes emotive factors such as model choice, design, and comfort, while also emphasizing technical specifications, attributes, and value.

The smart #1 is available in four versions: Pro, Pro+, Premium, and an exclusive smart #1 BRABUS edition designed to appeal to enthusiasts seeking added style. The BRABUS edition, styled by the renowned German luxury mobility brand specialists, features unique badging, finished bodywork trim, sports styling, and accelerated performance.

Targeting a broad audience, especially those interested in technology and peer-to-peer connectivity, the smart #1 range will be sold through various dealer outlets within the Mercedes-Benz passenger car network, starting at €37,479 for the Pro design line.

Visually striking, the smart #1 boasts a sense of spaciousness with its dimensions of 4.2m length, 1.8m width, and 1.6m height, riding on a 2.7m wheelbase. Frameless doors, generous glasswork, 19” alloy wheels, and a panoramic glass roof contribute to an open and visible environment.

Inside, the smart #1 features a floating center console, optimal space utilization, and a high-resolution touch screen display for an integrated infotainment system. Additional interior elements include a premium audio system, ambient lighting, a 9.2-inch HD digital instrument cluster, and a 10-inch head-up display.

Powered by a rear-wheel-drive, all-electric engine delivering 200 kW performance, the smart #1 achieves a maximum speed of 180 km/h. Its 66 kWh NCM battery provides a maximum range of 420-440 km (WLTP) with efficient charging capabilities.

Safety features include Matrix LED headlights, Y-shaped front and rear light bands, 7 airbags, and an extensive driver assistance package. The smart #1 is marketed with the tagline "All electric. Never silent," aligning with its global expansion plan aiming for 300 sales and service outlets across 13 European markets.

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