Yet another era dawns with performance EV from Volkswagen 

The VW ID.4 GTX is dubbed the ‘Golf GTi of the electric era’



We seem to have a new era in motoring every other day now. It’s that sort of era (forgive the pun) with change relentlessly accelerating change.

But there was a sense of a future step when Volkswagen showed us the performance side of electric in their new car.

It is the powerhouse version of the ID.4 GTX (nice that the ‘GT’ bit is held for historic purposes – hard to believe the GTi is 45 years old).

The ID.4 GTX – dubbed the ‘Golf GTi of the electric era’ – leads the way as VW adds another layer to its growing phalanx of EVs. It’s all part of a plan that 70pc of cars they sell by 2030 will be electric.

One thing the GTX performance figures show is that electric cars need not always be about dutifully getting from A to B. They can be fun too.

The GTX develops a 299hp wallop of power. With a motor on each axle you also get all-wheel-drive. And with a 0-100khm time of 6.2 seconds they are claiming this SUV is a sports car. I wonder.

The thing I’d look forward to would be the acceleration to 60kmh in 3.2 seconds – possible because EVs give you all your power right from the get go.

Range extends to 480km (depending on how you drive) and 120kw charging power can replenish 300km in 30 minutes.

The ID.4 GTX is due here in September with prices expected to be in the mid-to-late €50ks.

No, it’s not going to be cheap but they have to start somewhere I suppose. We can expect smaller GTX cars and prices as time goes by.

There is more to come before end of the year with the ID.5 SUV Coupe and ID.5 GTX.

No doubt we’ll traverse a few eras before that too.

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