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Shortly after I had given back the BMW X3, I was testing the new Volkswagen T-Roc – one of the most eagerly awaited cars of the year.

This pumped-up small SUV, big sister of the iconic Golf, is an absolutely knock-out to look at and to drive.

Many of my colleagues believe it is the best SUV out there and, on my two meetings with it, I won’t disagree. It is a delight to drive and has a lovely confident air about it.

The only problem was that the model offered for testing was the very top of the range T-Roc Sport with 4M all-wheel drive, two-litre diesel engine and an absolute host of extras which gave it an on-the-road price of a few bob short of €43,000.

This is crazy stuff, especially as petrol models of the T-Roc start at €25,525 on the road and even extraordinarily tasty well-specced models with automatic boxes are less than €7k more.

It is only when you get to the diesels and the 4M system that you are pushed into the €35k-plus club. A good 2WD car is all you need 90pc of the time and, as a colleague suggested the other week, a good set of winter tyres is better than a 4WD that does not have them. It makes a lot of economic sense, too.

I’ll try to get a more basic T-Roc for test soon but beware the expensive ones and diesels. Neither is needed for a fine car like this. Beware the PCP lure here, too.


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