Which electric cars can go the furthest?

We take a look at which EVs have the longest range 


It's a very exciting time in the electric car market. As battery technology improves, people are embracing zero emissions motoring at a staggering pace and learning that modern EVs are far from the city cars they were once dismissed as. In fact, some of the latest models on the market can rival the range of a full tank of diesel. 

1. Mercedes-Benz EQS 

Mercedes EQS

Based on their luxurious flagship S-Class saloon, the Mercedes-Benz EQS is capable of an incredible 731km on a single charge. That's enough to get from Dublin to Dingle and back again. Prices will start from €130,000.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQE

 Mercedes EQE

Hot on the heels of the EQS is a slightly more compact but equally luxurious Mercedes in the EQE with a WLTP range of 660km. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

3. Tesla Model S (Plaid)

 Tesla Model S

With a starting price of €132,000, the latest version of the Tesla Model S will do 0-100km in just 2.1 seconds making it the fastest production car on the road. Find one here.

4. BMW iX


BMW’s new iX SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) claims a range of 613km in its most efficient guise. Prices for the long range xDrive 50 start at €115,000.

5. Ford Mustang Mach-E 

Ford Mustang Mach-e

Fancy doing Malin to Mizen Head in an electric Mustang? Well now you can. The long awaited Ford entry to the electric market hits the road this year in the shape of the impressive Mustang Mach-e. The 91kWh extended range RWD version will  do up to 610km on a single charge and starts at €64,400.

6. Tesla Model 3 

Tesla Model 3

The long range Model 3 can do an impressive 602km with a starting price of €59,990. 

7. BMW i4 

BMW i4

Next up is BMW’s sleek and sporty new electric contender. Billed as the world’s first electric Gran Coupé, the i4 eDrive 40 offers up to 589km in range with prices starting from €63,500.

8. Tesla Model X 

Tesla Model X

Another Tesla makes the list in the shape of the family-friendly Model X (the one with the cool falcon wing doors) and will set you back €110,000.

9. Volkswagen ID.3 

Volkswagen ID.3

Taking things back down to earth is the Volkswagen ID.3, the family hatchback that comes in a long range version capable of up 540km. The 77kWh ID.4 Tour starts at €43,687

10. Cupra Born 

Cupra Born

Built on the same platform as the ID.3, the sportier looking Cupra Born will do up to 548km in its long range form, for a starting price of €42,650

11. Skoda Enyaq iV 

Skoda Enyaq iV

The impressively spacious Skoda Enyaq iV will do up to 540km on a single charge and has one of the largest boots on the EV market. The Enyaq iV 80 starts at €51,350.

12. Tesla Model Y 

Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s much awaited new people carrier arrives here in the summer and will do up to 533km in its long range guise. Prices start at €63,990.

13. Kia EV6 

Kia EV6

Kia’s EV6 hit the market to great applause last year with its generous equipment levels and impressive 528km range. The Earth model starts at €50,000 after government grants.

14. Volkswagen ID.4 


Volkswagen show up again with their family-friendly ID.4, built to appease the SUV loving masses with its chunky looks and impressive interior space. The 77kWh RWD model starts at €48,000 and will do up to 517km between charges.

15. Audi Q4 eTron 

Audi Q4 eTron

Audi’s Q4 eTron SUV offers a great mix of comfort and style as well as decent value for money in the premium EV segment. The Advance 40 eTron is capable of up to 511km for a starting price of €55,255.

16. Hyundai Kona EV 

Kona EV

The popular Hyundai Kona EV is credited with bringing long-range electric mobility to the masses with its affordable pricetag. The 484km range means you could do a return trip from Galway to Dublin without stopping to charge. The 64kWh version starts at €38,000 after government grants

17. Hyundai Ioniq5 


Hyundai introduced another game changer to the market last year in the shape of the Ioniq5. The funky retro looks have captured the imagination of many with sizeable demand for this SUV sized hatchback already. The 73kWh version starts at €45,000 and is capable of up to 481km.

18. Audi eTron GT 

etron GT

The striking Audi eTron GT Quattro has got to be one of the best-looking EVs on the market and its 479km range makes it all the more desirable. Prices start just shy of €104,000.

19. Jaguar iPace 

Jaguar iPace

Jaguar’s luxury entry to the EV market was a trailblazer when it first arrived on the scene in 2018 boasting an almost unheard of range of up to 470km. It remains one of the most impressive ranges available with a starting price of €75,000.

20. Renault Megane E-Tech 

Renault Megane E Tech

Renault’s fully electric Megane E-Tech is set to land here later this year with two battery capacities and a range of up to 467km. Price TBC.

21. BMW iX3


BMW electrified their popular X3 crossover and the results are truly impressive. The iX3 is a spacious and capable SUV that is also great fun to drive. It can do up to 460km in the right conditions and prices start at €74,815.

22. Kia e-Niro 

Kia eNiro

Hot on the heels of the Hyundai Kona EV came the Kia e-Niro which for a starting price of €38,337 offers an almost as impressive 455km range.

23. Kia e-Soul 

Kia eSoul

The funky Kia e-Soul offers practically the same range (452km) as its more conventional Niro sibling for a slightly lower starting price of €36,913.

24. Toyota BZ4X 

Toyota BZ4X

There has been much anticipation for Toyota’s first fully electric model and the BZ4X is set to make its debut this summer. With pricing yet to be confirmed, they claim the crossover will do more than 450km between charges.

25. Volvo C40 Recharge 

Volvo C40 recharge

Volvo’s striking C40 hatchback is the Swedish brand's most impressive offering for long distance drivers with a starting price of €68,950 and a range of up to 444km.


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