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These are first pictures and details of BMW’s new 6-Series Gran Turismo (GT).

Yes, the 5-Series GT is no more.

It has been replaced and re-named.

Say hello to the new 6-Series Gran Turismo.

The heavily revised large executive will go on sale here from November 11, but there are no indications of pricing as yet.

As ever with a BMW GT, interior space is significant. In this case it comes with three full-size rear seats, for example.

There is more headroom too, they claim, even though the roofline has been lowered.

I always thought the 5-Series GT looked a bit lumpy, but with this more crescent shape and profile, the new GT looks a lot better, I feel.

Speaking of room, boot capacity is up 110litres (to 610 litres) and with seats folded can reach a substantial 1,800 litres.

BMW say the new car will have all the active assistance systems that are currently on the 5-Series.

And that includes the new iDrive as well as a 10.25ins touchscreen.

Despite an increase in length (up by 87mm), they have managed to shed a substantial 150kgs from its large frame (it is now 5.091m longer).

While they haven’t done anything to make it wider (or narrower), the ‘6’ is now 21mm lower, hence the more crescent shape.

There will be two petrols (630i, 640i) and one diesel (630d) from launch.

The 8spd Steptronic transmission we know from so many of their cars is standard.

You can order xDrive with two of the engines (the 630d and 630i). It comes as standard on the hugely powerful 640i.

Emissions for the diesel, which will be the big seller here, are down 15pc, BMW claim.

Among the technologies on offer are Active Cruise Control Steering, Lane Departure Warning, Side Collision Warning etc.

Core details on the three engines are:

• The 630i 4cyl petrol, 1,988cc develops 258hp (400 Nm of torque) and its emissions range from 152/148 g/km.

• The 640i xDrive 6cyl in-line petrol (2,998cc, 340hp, 450 Nm torque) has emissions of 187/183 g/km.

• The big one for Ireland is the 630d.

This is a 6cyl in-line diesel (2,993cc) that develops 265hp and a massive 620Nm of torque (pulling power.

Emissions for the two-wheel-drive version range from 135g/km-129 g/km, while they go to 154g/km/150g/km for the xDrive version.

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