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Ford’s Mustang BULLITT was introduced here recently – partly by having people drive it around Mondello.

The 460PS 5-litre V8 special edition model marks the eponymous famous film’s 50th anniversary.

Yes, that’s the one in which Steve McQueen starred and will be forever remembered for his famous 10-minute car chase.

Bits and pieces of the movie are echoed in the styling of the special edition – a full 50 years later.

They include chrome accents, black grille and minimal badging.

But there is a lot of modernity too – there would want to be for the price.

There is a 12ins digital cluster with a Bullitt welcome screen as well as Recaro seats.

It is claimed that rev-matching technology on board means smoother gear-changes.

And yet there is a V8 ‘blip’ during downshifts.

As well as all that there is a Premium 1000-watt B&O sound system.

The standard B&O system has a dual-voice coil subwoofer for (Ford say) “deep, crisp bass and high-performance three-way front door speakers for even sound distribution throughout the cabin”.

And all this because of an epic car chase half a century ago. It’s fair to say that 10-minute long sequence in “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen at the wheel of a 1968 Mustang GT fastback as he chases two hit-men through the streets of San Francisco will never be forgotten.

But how much will it cost to own a car with the movie’s name on it?

Well, the 50th anniversary model has just gone on sale here and prices start from €73,092.

It’s a lot of cash for certain but for the enthusiasts out there, I don’t think that money is really an object. They will bite the Bullit and chase down the dream.

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