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Honda are jazzing up their Jazz supermini – it will be officially unveiled at next month’s Frankfurt Show.

The popular little car, which is still quite new to the market, gets an earlier-than-usual series of updates outside and in.

Most significantly, I suppose, it will be possible to order the 1.5-litre 130PS petrol engine for the first time in Europe.

They are claiming fuel economy of 52.3 mpg (18.5km/litre) with emissions from 124g/km with the optional CVT automatic transmission (€270 road tax). They also say the CVT system has been revised to give a more ‘refined’ response.

One of the criticisms of the current model – though I don’t think it damning – is the amount of ‘boom’ generated by the engine revving while the system ‘catches up’.

While it has been revised to look sharper, especially at the front, the basic Jazz ingredients remain untouched. There is the large 354-litreboot (up to 897 litres with rear seats folded).

One of the reasons for its popularity is the large cabin, widely regarded as one of the biggest in the segment.

And the 1.3-litre 102PS petrol version continues.

I understand it will be ready for sale for the early new-year market.

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