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Hyaundi is fighting noise with noise. It claims new technology counteracts road-noise and lowers levels by up to three decibels (3dB).

They say the result can be a ‘nearly silent’ cabin environment especially in engine-free fuel-cell electric and electric models where road noise can be intrusive.

The company has developed what it claims is the world’s first Road Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) system. It says it dramatically reduces noise within the cabin.

It is a new take on its current Active Noise Control (ANC) technology.

This reduces noise by emitting sound waves “inverted to incoming noise”. Effectively it turns noise on itself to neutralise the effect.

ANC software-driven technology analyses the sound in the cabin and decreases engine and road noise ‘actively’ – as opposed to passively blocking it through sound insulation.

That has been the way for most manufacturers to deal with the issue up to now.

But ANC had its limitations as it was only effective when noise was constant and its occurrence was predictable.

The new system, in contrast, can analyse various types of noise in real-time and produce inverted sound waves.

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