Stylish, comfortable and extremely capable – the new Range Rover Evoque is much more than just a fashion statement.

“Stylish, comfortable and extremely capable – the new Range Rover Evoque is much more than just a fashion statement.”

  • Huge kerb appeal

  • Beautiful interior loaded with tech

  • Great on and off-road prowess


Overall Rating

  • Premium price tag

  • Can be quite thirsty

  • Not a huge design departure from the previous model

Overall Rating


The original Range Rover Evoque was a massive hit for the brand and just like a second album, the follow up was never going to be easy. The good news is they’ve managed to make just enough improvements without messing up their winning formula.

Fans of the original will be glad to see the exterior makeover has been tame, though a few well-appointed new styling details has the baby Range Rover looking more like a mini Velar than ever before. A stunning new interior packed with all the latest in new car technology, as well as some new mild Hybrid technology should see the Evoque hold on to its ‘most desirable’ crown within the premium compact SUV craze it helped to create.

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Space & Practicality

One of the Evoque’s greatest strengths has always been that it’s not just stylish but also quite practical and this latest model is no different.

The boot is generously sized with a good wide opening and completely flat loading area which hides some useful underfloor storage. The seats fold in a handy three way split, allowing you can carry longer items and two rear seat passengers at the same time.

The new Evoque is not any longer than the old one but by stretching the wheel base and moving the front and back wheels further apart they’ve managed to eek out a bit of extra legroom for backseat passengers. Space in the backseats is good in general with a beautiful finish and plenty of comfort features for rear passengers like a reading light, magazine holders, and a pull down centre armrest.

Like its rivals, it will still be more comfortable for two than it is for three because the middle seat is slightly raised, and there is also a small hump in the floor to contend with. It could also do with a couple of USB charging ports to keep the gadget-mad kids happy but overall, we think anyone sitting in the back will be pretty comfortable, and pretty impressed.

Equipment and Safety

Standard features on the Evoque include a 10 inch Touch Pro infotainment system, and a generous level of safety kit including a reversing camera, parking sensors, cruise control with a speed limiter, lane keep assist and emergency braking.

You can upgrade to the S for some nice styling upgrades like larger wheels, electrically adjustable leather seats and SatNav, or once again to the SE which is where things get really impressive with a dual screen Touch Pro set up that emerges from the dashboard on start up. On the outside you’ll get 20 inch wheels, premium LED headlights, funky scrolling indicators, and a powered tailgate.

At the top of the range is the HSE which adds more styling upgrades and turns your rear view mirror into a high-definition camera meaning that you’ll get a clear view of what’s behind you even if you’ve got a very tall passenger or extremely large load blocking your view out of the rear.

There are even more options available on the Evoque like a sportier R-Dynamic model and a special First Edition version which will only be available for first year of production and comes with just about every bell and whistle you can think of.

In terms of in-car tech, it’s up there with the best in class and is well executed. The systems are easy to use and it never feels overwhelming. In a very progressive move they’ve also added the option of some more animal-friendly materials for the interior made from things like Eucalyptus if for whatever reason, leather is not your cup of tea.

Performance & Running Costs

There are also some moves being made to make it more eco-friendly on the road too. Range Rover may not the first brand to spring to mind when it comes to green driving but the new Evoque comes with a mild Hybrid system that helps it achieve better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions than before. There are also plans to introduce a Plug-In Hybrid version soon which will be a very interesting proposition when it arrives.

For now the choice remains a straight call between petrol and diesel. The diesels come in a choice of power outputs between 150 and 240 PS, and the petrols range from 200 to 300 PS depending on how much punch you’re after. Most come with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission as standard with the exception of the entry level front wheel drive manual D150 which will be available later in the summer.

Our test car was the D150 AWD Auto which claims a fuel economy of 5.6l per 100km and CO2 emissions of 149g/km giving it an annual tax bill of €390 (at the moment). It’s probably not a huge surprise to learn that it’s not that cheap to run a Range Rover and that those fuel economy figures are quite difficult to achieve in real life. It is quite a hefty car and being all wheel drive doesn’t help matters, paramount as it might be to the Range Rover experience . That feeling of being able to go absolutely anywhere you want to is an enjoyable one none the less, however unlikely it is that you ever actually take it off the road.

It also gives it a nice tough and rugged feel and despite the large dimensions it’s actually quite good fun to drive. It holds a corner very well and the raised ride height gives you a nice commanding view over other traffic. The nine speed automatic gearbox offers a silky smooth power uptake and adds a wonderfully effortless feel to the ride. It can be nice and subdued and relaxed too when you want it to be with a nice supple suspension set up and great sound insulation which means that very little outside lumps and bumps or outside traffic noise disturbs the serenity of the cabin.

Reliability & Residuals

Residual values will be strong thanks to its untouchable badge appeal, but the Evoque is the type of car that will turn heads, not just because it’s a Range Rover, but because it’s a beautifully designed car in its own right. It’s very easy to write it off as just a fashion statement, but the evolution in tech and design has put it right back up to the top of the list of most desirable SUVs on the market.

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