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A plug-in hybrid Range Rover is on the way in yet another major indication of how big the swing towards electrification has become.

The new Range Rover P400e combines a 300PS 2-litre 4cyl petrol engine with a 116PS electric motor, and road tax runs at as little as €170-a-year.

The combined 404PS output (it is calculated as less than the two separate outputs) through the permanent four-wheel drive system means a 0-100kmh time of 6.8 seconds. And there is an enormous 640Nm of torque (pulling power).

But because of the electrified powertrain, the car only emits 64g/km on the NEDC combined cycle (2.8 l/100km).

They claim it can do up to 51km on the electric charge alone.

All of which goes hand in hand with the car’s renowned on and off-road prowess.

Parallel Hybrid is the default driving mode, combining petrol and electric drive.

There is a save function that prevents the battery charge dropping below a pre-selected level.There is a charging time of 2 hours and 45 minutes for the batteries.

This is the latest plug-in from the company following the revelation last week of the Range Rover Sport PHEV.

The manufacturer says: “Jaguar Land Rover’s ICE to ACE journey continues, moving from conventional internal combustion engines to autonomous, connected and electrified vehicles.”

There are design tweaks and a redesigned cabin to coincide with the announcement.

Despite the car’s frugality on fuel consumption, passengers are steeped in luxury.

The front seats can feature 24-way movement, there are as many as 17 connection points, including domestic plug sockets, USB, HDMI and 12-volt – and 4G wi-fi hotspots for up to eight devices. You can also order seats with 25 massage programmes.

Rear legroom has been increased to 186mm.

And there is the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with twin high-definition touchscreen controls.

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