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If you thought the AMG range couldn’t get any sexier – think again. In fact, the limited Edition GT C 50 (which celebrates a half-a-century of high performance tuning with Mercedes) is the closest thing to a production-line Batmobile there is.

Cloaked in graphite grey magno matt paint and sitting on stonking 19-inch cross-spoked alloys, this super-sleek Coupe is as menacing and mysterious as the Dark Knight himself.

Sporting a ”Panamericana” grille with vertical slats (instead of a single horizontal bar), the special edition model gives you very subtle hints of its thoroughbred racing pedigree.

The black chrome finish of the front bumper, side skirts and rear diffuser is simply divine, as is the automatic rear spoiler – which deploys when you unleash the power.

Inside is snug (especially for those over six feet) but the quilted leather and suede sports seats match that of the chunky flat-bottomed steering wheel, giving that quintessential touch of sheer sophistication.

The V-shaped polished aluminium centre console is home to what’s best described as launch control – with buttons for race mode, traction control settings, dampers, and transmission options.

Under that long, sloping hood beats the heart of a virile beast with a 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 petrol that generates 550bhp and has an eye-watering sprint from 0-100kph in just under 3.7 seconds.

It has a sound track to match – with an orchestra of magical snarls and pops as the seven-speed automatic gearbox kicks up – generating a symphony of high-octane engine notes that enthrall the senses.

Like the race-ready GT R, the Coupe has a wider rear end (57mm) to accommodate bigger tyres with stretched tracks and active rear-wheel steering – giving unprecedented grip in tight corners.

To test it to full capacity, we took her to the Bilster Berg race track in Paderborn, Germany – hailed by petrol heads as a mini-Nurburgring.

With chilling elevation changes, blind bends, swooping curves and surrounded by dense woodland, the 19 corners and 44 dips are not for the faint hearted.

On the straight, the GT C will scorch past the pits at speeds in excess of 250kph before hard braking for a hairpin and a series of chicanes.

Behaving impeccably throughout, the two-metre long rocket never once lost its composure – astounding considering the full 680nm of torque kicks in by 1,900rpm.

Pinpoint precision from the steering adds to its confidence as do the brakes which never suffer from fade even in extreme driving conditions. (And that was just in Sport + as we just weren’t brave or skilled enough to opt for the full-fat Race Mode.)

It’s a different beast in the wet, though, and an over-eager right foot will see the tail go out in a jiffy (as I found on the way to the airport the following day).

In Comfort Mode even on twisty country roads it’s still a riot (the temptation to drop the hammer is addictive) but without the choppy ride one would expect from a super car.

Granted only a handful of GTs will be sold in Ireland, but this was more an exercise in introducing buyers to the AMG range, including the increasingly popular styling option on ordinary models like the CLA.

Still, if you are a Bruce Wayne type with €230,000 floating around a bedroom drawer, this magnificent machine certainly won’t look out of place in the Bat Cave.

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