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THE new Mercedes CLA 4dr Coupe has just arrived and the two models expected to be among the more popular with buyers will cost from €34,100 and €37,300 respectively.

From launch, there are four petrol versions and one diesel but a few more of the latter are planned.

There are three design lines: Style, Progressive and AMG. Mercedes reckons the most popular models will be the 180 petrol, from €34,110 (€270 tax) and a 180d automatic (€37,300; €180 tax).

Standard safety elements include enhanced brake assist, emergency stop and lane change assist.

The new car is 48mm longer, 53mm wider and the wheelbase is extended by 30mm. Height is down by a mere 2mm.

The CLA has been a big seller for the brand and now this latest version has ‘grown up’, it will be interesting to see how it is received.

The secret appears to lie in keeping much the same profile while making it a more spacious motor.

The CLA slots between the A-Class (on whose platform it is built) and the C-Class saloon.

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