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It was a day from our Indian summer so what better to do than briefly drive a Mercedes, with the roof down, through heavenly Wicklow.

The new E-Class Cabrio has all the goodies of the excellent saloon, but with the right weather it’s got a distinct advantage. And this was a real treat.

I also drove the revised S-Class (S350d, 286bhp AMG-Line). For such a big car, I still find it far less roomy than so many mainstream motors such as the Skoda Superb or new Volkswagen Arteon. But there is no denying its technology. Or its mere €280 road tax. Who says diesel is dead?

The most interesting, for me, was the C-Class saloon plug-in hybrid about which we have heard so little. The C350e has a 2-litre petrol which, with the re-charge/plug-in facility, reduces emissions to a not-really-credible 48g/km. In other words €170 road tax a year. Amazing. The big drawback is price: the one I drove costs €55,185.

That’s the dilemma over diesel isn’t it? How long will you be getting back the extra outlay in running costs?

Great to drive it, though, and an important car in its own right.

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