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This is the first new Opel produced since the marque was taken over by the PSA Group.

Prices for the new car start from €17,975 with delivery and related charges extra.

Larger dimensions, such as a longer wheelbase and a stretch in length are credited with yielding more cabin room while headroom at the front is also improved.

Boot space is marginally increased to 309 litres (+24); with the rear seats folded, that jumps to 1,081 litres.

Lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are claimed from their petrol and diesel lineup as is a 108kg drop in weight.

There are three trim levels: SC, SRi and Elite. Depending on spec level, safety elements can include radar-based adaptive speed control, forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition.

The IntelliLux LED matrix lighting system also makes the spec sheet.

There are two petrols (a 1.2-litre 75bhp and a 1.2-litre 100bhp). And there are two transmissions: manual or 8spd automatic. There is a 1.5-litre 102bhp diesel manual too.

Meanwhile the electric Corsa-e (134bhp) is due here in April and will have a range of up to 337km.

Opel says it has the same internal space as its petrol and diesel counterparts.

As well as the Corsa-e there is the plug-in Grandland X to kick off a big ‘electrified’ model push by the brand. Those coming include the Vivaro-e van, Combo Life, Cargo and Zafira Life.

All Opel models will be electrified in some shape or form by 2024.

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