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A plug-in petrol hybrid version of Opel’s Grandland X is due here later this year.

I understand the new Grandland X PHEV SC, which develops a whopping 300hp, will cost around the €36,500 mark.

That is after VRT rebate and SEAI grants, worth €7,500 in total, are taken into account.

Obviously the price can, and probably will, change a little as market launch edges closer.

But it gives you an idea of approximately how much you’ll have to spend to get into this new PHEV.

And don’t forget, that is a starting price for the Hybrid4 SC model – which is entry-level trim.

The PHEV’s arrival (it is effectively for sale next year), will come as a big boost to Opel, in that it marks a major step for the brand into the ‘electrified’ sector.

Now part of the PSA group, Opel plans on having its entire product portfolio “electrified by 2024”.

There will, for example, be a full-electric version of the next Corsa supermini. That is due later this year.

Powering the new Grandland X plug-in is a 1.6-litre 200hp turbocharged petrol engine which works in tandem with two 109hp electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack.

Between them they generate that significant, combined, output of 300hp.

There is also all-wheel-drive (AWD) because of the way the two motors are set up. Essentially, the front one is coupled to the eight-speed automatic transmission. The second motor, inverter and differential are integrated into the rear axle – that’s how you get the all-wheel-drive on demand.

Preliminary WLTP/NEDC fuel consumption tests are returning 2.2l/100km – that is 128mpg – and C02 emissions of 49gkm.

There are four driving modes: fully electric, hybrid, AWD and sport.

Opel claims the battery can be charged in under two hours (1hr 50mins to be precise).

Another claim is that the car can cover up to 50km in pure electric mode. The battery is installed under the rear seats to minimise impact on interior and boot space.

As well as the cable that comes with the vehicle, Opel says it will ‘offer’ devices for fast charging at public stations and domestic wall boxes too.

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