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Skoda have made an interesting decision with the starting price of their new compact SUV, the KAROQ,which they claim is a rival for the Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Tucson.

Prices start at €27,715 for Ambition trim, which is usually the second and most popular equipment level. But they have decided not to bother with traditional entry-level Active and its correspondingly lower price point.

In doing so they have left a gap of a little more than €1,000 between it and the entry-level (Active) price of the larger and much-in-demand KODIAQ (from €28,795 for the 5-seater version).

The reality, however, is the KODIAQ is being bought at Ambition trim (at least) and in seven-seat format, so you’re looking at well into the €30,000s for it. The perceived gap to KAROQ, therefore, is quite large.

The KAROQ’s higher entry-level price does, however, realistically address buying trends – people are choosing higher-spec models across the board.

The KAROQ gets here early next month, boasting a lot of room and spec as it takes on the giants of the compact SUV segment. It replaces the evergreen Yeti and is 160mm longer, 48mm wider with a potential 1,800-litre boot.

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