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And so it is goodbye to the Toyota Avensis.

Yes, the car that carried so many families, taxi passengers and God knows who/what else for so long has passed into the history books.

I asked distributors here how many new cars were left for sale and was told: “We have no more Avensis at all.”

The spokeswoman was quick to point out, however, that they have a range of alternatives – including the new Camry and Corolla Saloon Sol – to replace it.

The Avensis was built from October 1997 to last August. Remember the Carina E (with the Leanburn engine)? Well, it was a direct successor to that and came as a saloon, hatch and estate.

Over its period on the Irish market, the number of new Avensis models sold, to the end of last month, came to the tidy total of 91,746, according to official Toyota figures the distributors provided me with.

That’s a lot of cars, and a good proportion are still on the go, judging by the volume you see on the road.

Toyota is now looking to the future and continuing its hybrid push with a look, for the likes of myself, at the new Corolla range, as well as the new RAV4 and Camry, in Dublin tomorrow.

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