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I may be putting my neck out at bit further than usual this week but I’m convinced, at this stage, that several hundred Irish people have handed over €1,000 to be the among the first to get the new Volkswagen ID.3 next summer.

Volkswagen here, and in Europe, remains utterly tight-lipped on anything to do with pre-orders or numbers.

But based on high levels of correspondence from a large number of readers, I reckon several hundred must be on the list to buy one.

Just so you know: the €1,000 is not a deposit as such; it holds a ‘spot’ for the potential buyer.

The real business starts when Volkswagen follows up to see if a person still wants the car, what colour they’d like etc.

Judging by the volume, tone and tenor of those getting on to Motors for some time, the vast majority will book and buy.

A special launch edition will go on sale here (under €40,000 after grants) next summer.

But the vast majority of buyers must wait until late next year (January 2021 reg-plate) to get one of the lower-priced models (from under €30,000).

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