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Only one in 25 people in this country has experienced staying in a campervan compared to one in four in the UK, and that’s the opportunity Volkswagen sees with the launch of the Grand California.

The all new Crafter-based large campervan builds on the popularity of the California but is much bigger inside and out and has the bonus of an internal shower and toilet.

The main 600 model can sleep a family of four while there will be a longer 680 Grand California aimed at the retirees which will have a bigger double bed at the back, more comfort and space but only two seats so like its smaller sibling, it can be driven on a normal car licence.

Prices will start in the middle to late €70ks, but options could push that much higher and VW said the first Grand California ordered was costing more than €100,000.

However, it can be a good investment. The vehicles hold their value very well and, as the VW ones are totally built by the company, there will be far better reliability and warranty issues.

So check out your inner Eagles, rewrite the song and travel in the hotel that you “can check out any time you like but you never have to leave” as you settle down for the night.

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