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Nissan is closing in on a price for the new Leaf electric car this month as the company unveiled its racier Nismo version (pictured) and outlined plans for an increase in its superchargers across Europe.

There are expectations the new Leaf will not cost that much more than the old one on the Irish market (it is up €600 in Germany but VRT here distorts comparison) as the company seeks to at least double the number of Irish buyers in 2018.

The current model starts at €21,490 for the 24kHh version (199km claimed range) and €24,490 for the 30kWh (250km range). The new car (40kWh capacity) has a claimed range of 378km.

A more powerful version with a longer range is planned for 2019.

And the company showed its Nismo, the racier version of the Leaf, ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show.

The automaker also promised to expand its fast-charging infrastructure in Europe by as much as 20pc over the next 18 months or so.

It hopes that adding as many as 1,000 quick chargers to the existing network of 4,600 points will help boost sales of the second-generation electric car.

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