The ’10 safest cars’

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A 10-car shortlist for a major safety award shows how technology is now a key factor in the push to reduce and prevent accidents.

A panel of Thatcham Research experts is insisting this year that vehicles must have lane keep assist systems as standard.

All the top 10 cars also have autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems as standard.

Judges say they will give extra merit to vehicles with AEB systems that can identify cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

They say that drivers buying a new car should expect AEB on their vehicle.

They go so far as to say it is now “an essential standard-fit safety system, just like the seatbelt”.

Other car safety technologies that will be looked at include:

* Adaptive cruise control – it uses cameras, radar or lidar to determine the gap to the vehicle in front and make sure a safe following distance is maintained.

* Blind spot indication system – it stops drivers moving into path of an overtaking vehicle hidden in the blind spot.

* Driver monitoring – it warns the driver if they are distracted or have been inattentive.

The 10 cars the judges will consider for the What Car? Safety Award 2018 are, in alphabetical order: Honda Civic, Mercedes X-Class, Opel Insignia, Subaru Impreza, Subaru XV, Toyota C-HR, Volvo S90/V90, Volvo XC60, VW Arteon, VW T-Roc.


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