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We are now at a critical juncture in the car-buying year. The bulk of sales is over for dealers, while most buyers are waiting for the next number-plate change on July 1 (192-reg).

Yet, for the bargain hunter, these weeks hold the promise of potential savings on what they pay for a new or used car.

There’s a lot of good used stock out there (partly due to the volume of used imports).

And there are some excellent deals on new cars that can be improved on in many cases.

You will be surprised by what’s on offer in the new-car arena if you take a little time and trouble to check.

Dealers have targets to meet and, given the level of competition, will be slow to let you go if you are showing serious interest. And you are in a great position altogether if you are a cash customer (without trade-in).

So bargain hard but remember the dealer has to make a few euro to keep going too.

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