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The key word is ‘considering’.

It’s important to remember that when you are told that one-in-three motorists are ‘considering’ buying a new vehicle in 2019.

They may or may not – but if such a huge number gets around to doing so, it will be a record year for new-car registrations. I don’t think it will happen, somehow. Interesting nonetheless.

Also, according to research by mobility solutions specialist, easytrip, the drivers surveyed said they would prefer diesel (43pc) to other fuel. Hybrid came second (27pc), followed by petrol (19pc) and plug-in electric (9pc). We take the figures at face value but petrol looks way too low.

Local car dealerships remain the top choice for 77pc, followed by 15pc who were “considering” a UK import purchase. Some 5pc were thinking of buying privately.

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