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An incentive to avoid using the mobile phone while at the wheel has clocked up 22 million kilometres of call-free driving.

The Toyota Ireland ‘FaceItDown’ app passed the 22 million milestone recently.

And as a way of broadening its appeal, participant drivers will now get discounts on parking at Q-Park locations around the country.

The Toyota campaign is in association with the Road Safety Authority (RSA). It encourages drivers to put their phones face down while driving.

The app translates face-down time into points for rewards – more than 36,000 of which have been redeemed by drivers.

Now the carmaker is to reward new and current users by offering double points for all journeys logged between August 13 and August 20.

Over the past two years, 49,460 Irish motorists have installed the app on their phone

While Q-Park is the latest incentive, others include a free hot drink at Circle K stores or €50 off FBD car insurance

Toyota Ireland says: “Research shows that when using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, you’re four times more likely to crash than someone who is not.”

The latest news comes as the powerful Transport Committee group of MPs in the UK wants mobile phone use at the wheel to be banned.

In other words: no phone conversation of any sort.

They say the “evidence shows that using a hands-free device creates the same risks of crashing (as a hand-held device)”.

They want all phone use while driving, regardless of sending or receiving data, to be stopped.

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