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Drivers of electric vehicles have changed their routine and behaviour since facing the prospect of paying to boost their battery at a public fast-charging point.

Prices were introduced in November for general use of the fast-charging network – as well as levies for anyone who is hogging a charging slot.

Since then, according to the ESB, there has been a fall-off in energy used because fewer people are using them.

A spokeswoman told the Irish Independent there had been “a decrease in energy consumption” across its fast-charging network since pricing kicked in.

She also claimed the overstay (hogging) fee is freeing chargers for those who need a quick top-up for driving longer distances – which is what they are there for.

The ESB introduced pricing for use of the 50kW fast chargers on November 18.

It is estimated that it costs an average of €4.30 to boost a battery’s range by 100km.

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