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Huge numbers of people would avail of a national scrappage scheme, if the response to an article in last week’s Motors supplement is any guide.

There are lots and lots of people out there driving old cars who, for a variety of reasons (mostly financial), are not in a position to afford a new car.

We have had a deluge of mail here at Motors.

And while a minority treasure their old cars, there is overwhelming evidence that a scrappage scheme is seen by most as one way out of the ‘pre-2008’ trap.

That trap stems from Budget changes by which cars registered before 2008 are taxed on their engine size, as opposed to those registered after that, which are taxed on their emissions.

However, a scrappage scheme on its own was deemed by some to not be sufficient.

They point to the reality that some would need attractive interest rates to make new-car ownership attainable.

The vast majority of current older-car owners say having to pay so much tax, as well as high maintenance costs, is keeping them in the trap, or at best buying a moderately newer car.

They say savings on running costs and tax make the option of a new car highly attractive, but they just don’t have the wherewithal right now to take that extra step.

And that is where a scrappage scheme would give them a lift, they claim.

Food for thought, certainly, and many thanks to all who participated.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to reply to all the correspondence.


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