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Fresh data from the National Car Testing Service should provide helpful additional information for car owners. The site is now more user-friendly and I found the latest additions easy to follow and to extract information from.

There is a make/model breakdown to show how many individual marques were tested – and how they fared. Car owners will be interested in this especially if they are thinking of buying a particular model or putting their own through the NCT.

That data was previously supplied through the RSA website by way of an Excel sheet. This is the first time you can see the data presented in a more accessible visual fashion.

There is also data which shows the pass/fail stats for each individual test centre by month, or year, or indeed how one county compares with another.

So basically you have statistics for each centre and for each marque.

Meanwhile, the NCT’s national statistics show that, to October 31 this year, there have been 598,761 (49.9pc) passes, 521,646 (43.4pc) fail refusals and 80,928 (6.7pc) fail dangerous outcomes.

That makes an overall total of 1,201,335.

Re-tests came to 608,686, with 92.3pc passing (562,079) and 7.3pc failing again (44,191) and 0.4pc (2,416) being found to be fail dangerous a second time.

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