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The company that runs the NCT car test has had its contract renewed here until 2030.

The company, Applus+ was chosen after a competitive tendering process to oversee the country’s statutory vehicle inspection services.

It operates 47 vehicle test stations countrywide and inspects more than 1.6 million vehicles a year.

Last year, it carried out more than 16 million inspections globally.

Since it began testing in Ireland in 2010 it has carried out around 17 million NCT inspections.

Under the new contract, Applus+ expects to create more than 80 new jobs over the coming years.

There are more than 800 people already employed by the company in Ireland.

Applus+ is a major force in the field of vehicle inspection services.

Its automotive division employs 4,500 professionals and provides services in countries such as Spain, Denmark, Finland, the US, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uruguay and Andorra.

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