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They are the life blood of the economy and a reflection of its health. Where would we be without vans?

Here we trawl through the models currently on the Irish market and detail how much they can carry, their engines and their prices. Maybe the van you need is in here somewhere?

Small Vans

■ CITROEN BERLINGO: Brand-new generation of a model that has been a favourite since 1996. Payload from 650kg-1,000kg; 75hp/100hp diesel engine options. From €16,995.

■ FIAT DOBLO CARGO: Two lengths, two heights, with pickup and dropside platform cab variants; 95hp/105hp/120hp diesel options. Load length: 1,820-2,170mm. From €14,936.

■ FIAT FIORINO: One size, one 80hp diesel. Payload 660kg; load length 1,523mm. From €14,837.

■ FORD TRANSIT CONNECT: Two lengths, smart style, recently upgraded. Diesel options: 75hp/100hp/120hp. Payload up to 539kg; load length to 1,986mm. Price €17,995.

■ FORD TRANSIT COURIER: Smart package, upgraded last year. Four grades; 75hp/100hp diesels and 100hp petrol. Load length 1358-1,620mm. From €15,150.

■ NISSAN NV 200: Practical contender. Economy a strong point; reliability unquestioned. Payload 793kg, reliable, thrifty 110hp diesel; also full electric version. Load length 2,004mm. From €18,400.

■ NISSAN NV 250: Brand new van coming this autumn, with two body lengths and 800kg payload. Choice of diesels with 80hp/95hp/115hp. €TBA.

■ OPEL COMBO: Brand new version related to the new Berlingo and Partner from PSA group that now owns Opel. Three grades, two lengths, and a crew version. Power from 110hp/130hp petrol; 75hp/100hp/130hp diesel. From €16,500.

■ PEUGEOT PARTNER: Badge sibling to Citroen Berlingo with interior differentiation. Two lengths; six grades; an AWD version too. Diesels 75hp-130hp. Payload range 650-1,000kg. From €16,700.

■ RENAULT KANGOO: Two lengths; also crew-cab version. Style tweaked for 2019. Payload range 650-800kg; engines, 75hp/90hp/110hp diesels. Also electric version. From €16,590.

■ VOLKSWAGEN CADDY: A favourite with small businesses. Payload up to 832kg; power from 75hp-150hp diesels. From €18,170.

Medium Vans

■ CITROEN DISPATCH: Solid workhorse and nice drive. Three wheelbases; payloads ranging from 1,100kg-1,446kg; 95hp/115hp/120hp diesels. From €22,280.

■ FIAT TALENTO: Two length, and two height options. Power from 95hp-145hp diesels. Payload 1,000-1,200kg. From €23,933.

■ FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM: Recent improvements in style detail, cabin and engines. New powertrains: diesels with 105/130/170hp; 6-spd manual, automatic choices. Payload to 1,392kg; Load length 2,555-2,922mm. From €25,415.

■ LDV V80: Low, medium, high-roof versions, with crew cabs and chassis cab options. Two wheelbases. One diesel and a fully electric version. Payload 1,204-1,419kg; Load length 2,550-3,300mm. €POA.

■ MERCEDES VITO: Good to drive; payload capabilities from 829kg-1,324kg. FWD, RWD versions; three lengths. Power 88hp-114hp. Load length 2,586-3,061mm. From €22,334.

■ NISSAN NV300: Now revised, with van crewcab and chassis options. Two lengths, two heights. Smooth diesels from 95hp-145hp. Payload 1,075-1,280kg; load length 2,537-2,937mm. From €22,995.

■ OPEL VIVARO: Brand new generation in October. With a payload of up to 1,400kg and three lengths, there will be van, crew and platform options. A full electric version is due in 2020. Price €TBA; current one costs from €23,545.

■ PEUGEOT EXPERT: Twin sliding doors; room for three up front; two wheelbase options. Payload range 1,099-1,487kg; 95hp/115hp/120hp diesels. GVW 2,560-3,100kg; Load length 2255-2586mm. From €22,100.

■ RENAULT TRAFIC: Two lengths, two heights as well as crew van, and platform cab. Payloads 1,075-1,280kg; 95hp-145hp diesels. Load length 2,537-2,937mm. From €23,945.

■ TOYOTA PROACE: Five body types and lengths. Double sliding doors. Payload up to 1,400kg; 96hp/120hp/150hp diesels. From €22,940.

■ VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER: Renowned for rugged, frugal powertrains and variety in length and height. Payloads up to 1,331kg; 102hp/140hp/204hp diesels. From €25,890.

Large Vans

■ CITROEN RELAY: This has three lengths and three heights; payloads from 1,155kg-1,865kg. Power from 110hp, 130hp diesels. Chassis cabs, crew cab versions. From €24,320.

■ FIAT DUCATO: Three wheelbases, three height options and crew variants; 2.3 diesels from 130hp-180hp. From €26,952.

■ FORD TRANSIT: Extraordinary range of sizes and capacities. Ford’s latest 105hp-170hp diesels. Payload to 2,169kg; load length 3,044-4,217mm. From €30,450.

■ IVECO DAILY: Only LCV currently sold here from this maker. Panel van, crew cab, chassis cab versions. Two diesel options. €POA.

■ MAN TGE: Version of Crafter produced for MAN Truck division of Volkswagen. One grade and spec; 177hp diesel. From €22,850.

■ MERCEDES SPRINTER: 2019 Irish Van of the Year. Four possible lengths and heights in panel, platform and chassis versions. Diesels from 84hp-190hp. Payload up to 5,000 kg. In FWD, RWD and AWD. From €21,950+VAT.

■ NISSAN NV400: Four lengths, three roof heights. There’s an RWD, tipper and dropside variants. Payload 1,620- 2,134kg. Diesels 130hp/145hp/170hp. Load length 2,583-4,400mm. From €27,750.

■ OPEL MOVANO: Four lengths and three roof heights; there’s a rear-drive version too. Diesel powered. Payload 957-2,188 kg; Load length 3,733-4,383mm. From €26,425.

■ PEUGEOT BOXER: Companion to Citroen’s Relay, Fiat’s Ducato; four lengths, three height options. Payload range 1,150-1,525kg; 110hp/130hp/160hp diesels. Load length 2,670-3,705mm. From €24,235.

■ RENAULT MASTER: Range of lengths and heights; also RWD version. Payload 1,485-1,509kg; Power from 110hp/130hp/145hp/170hp diesels. Also an electric version. From €26,650.

■ VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER: Smart, high level of technology. Full comfort for three up front. Payload 735-1,293kg; 102hp/140hp/177hp diesels; automatics and AWD. From €28,125.

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