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The car market is awash with special offers as brands begin a massive push to get you to buy a 192-reg new model.

Offers range from special scrappage deals to low, or zero, APR offers, low-interest personal contract plans (PCPs) to service schedules to €1,000 ‘deposit contribution’ – the list appears endless.

The sheer breadth and volume can overwhelm and confuse.

Distilling what represents real value, as opposed to something that is dressed up and comes to no more than a simple discount you would get anyway, is a challenge.

And, I’m afraid, there is nothing for it but to check around and ask some questions about the deals in which you might be interested.

Remember: in a straightforward deal, you usually get a discount anyway. So ask if the offer is based on the full or discounted price. That’s the best place to start.

If a deal is based on the ‘full’ (recommended retail) price, then the figures may balance themselves out.

It is possible that the car could ultimately end up costing as much as if there were no offer.

At the same time, you will find options that really do save you money. You’ll be well paid to spend some time checking.

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